How Much Can I Deduct My Internet Payment?

If you use the internet for business, a portion of your monthly expenses could likely be tax-deductible. How much you.

If you use the internet for business, a portion of your monthly expenses could likely be tax-deductible. How much you write off depends on how you use your home office and track expenses – to avoid leaving money on the table come tax time, use an app like Keeper that will automatically calculate and file your deductible expense report for you.

Home office deductions can be claimed using either the regular or simplified methods, but either will only work effectively if your business-related expenses are accurately tracked. With regards to the regular method, it will require you to estimate how much time is spent working from home and determine what portion of internet costs were used specifically for work purposes – you could track this activity using either a log or productivity apps like RescueTime which monitor the apps and websites you access and measure how long each one lasts for.

The regular method allows you to deduct other business-related expenses, such as printer and computer expenses or part of the cost for more costly items like an ethernet cable or faster router, that are necessary for running your business and have been unavailable at a lower price elsewhere. You must demonstrate this is necessary for its operation before deducting these items from your taxes.

For those without a dedicated home office, another option may be using the simplified method, which does not require you to track business usage but allows you to deduct $5 for every square foot used as home office up to a total deduction limit of $1,500. This would apply if there was a dedicated space like a den or corner of the living room that exclusively served business activities.

Your personal cell phone bill can also be reduced if used for business, such as calling clients, conducting market research interviews or interviewing sources for an article, checking business email and posting to social media. As with internet usage, track how much of your cell phone bill goes toward business purposes.

If you work for a corporation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has limited your ability to claim expenses unreimbursed employee expenses such as fees for your home internet connection as a deduction; your only recourse for taking this deduction would be reimbursement from your corporation which then includes this expense on Schedule C as utilities expense. If you own or operate in partnership, however, expenses can still be claimed either as unreimbursed partner expenses or through an accountable plan (expense reports).

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