What is the Best Lottery Game to Play in the UK?

When choosing the ideal lottery game to play, it is essential that you give careful thought and consideration to which.

When choosing the ideal lottery game to play, it is essential that you give careful thought and consideration to which options have the highest winning odds – this way you are more likely to hit big jackpots with improved odds. Of course, no matter how great they might appear to be, no 100% chance can ever be assured when it comes to lottery play – therefore remembering it as gambling should always be taken seriously and treated accordingly.

Lotto is one of the UK’s most beloved lotteries and it has helped create many millionaires since it first launched in 1994. This success can be attributed to its relatively low ticket prices and chance of winning an immense jackpot prize pool – though when played properly blackjack offers higher odds with its house edge being as little as 0.5%!

Camelot’s Euromillions lottery offers much larger jackpot prizes than Lotto; typically in excess of PS143 million! To be eligible to win this massive prize pool, all five main numbers and the Euromillions ball must match exactly. If you’re hoping for life-changing odds, why not give Euromillions lottery a try?

Set for Life lottery is another alternative, similar to Lotto in that you must successfully select six numbers out of fifty-nine from a pool of fifty-nine numbers. However, you can purchase a Lucky Dip ticket which randomly selects numbers for you – although its jackpot may be smaller, your odds of success remain very good!

Thunderball lottery, similar to US Powerball in that you must choose five main numbers and one bonus number (the Thunderball), has become increasingly popular across the UK, and tickets can be bought through Giant Lottos or online websites such as Lottery Online Shops like Lottery Giant Lottos. Lottery draws are scheduled every Saturday and Wednesday with one added on Tuesday starting January of 2018.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP), which measures how much money you’ll typically make per PS1 spent, should also be taken into consideration when choosing a lottery. While National Lottery currently boasts an RTP of around 45%, other options offer much better returns; Hotpicks boasts an RTP of roughly 65% – significantly better than that of the national average!